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What can an estate plan do for me?

Aside from the clear financial benefits, having a plan in place puts you in control of your future. By working with us you can decide what you want to happen with your assets and be confident that your wishes will be carried out.

The realization of the goals you have set in life - goals  such as your children's education, your family's economic independence, or your support for charities - can be continued through your estate plan.

You gain peace of mind and help your beneficiaries enjoy a more secure future.

Estate Plans can confer the following benefits:

  • make sure that the people and causes you care about will be looked after
  • minimize or defer taxes that are payable at death
  • reduce probate fees
  • establish ownership of jointly-owned property, bank accounts and investments
  • establish trusts that may have tax advantages and preserve family property such as a home, cottage or business
  • help private businesses continue to meet a family's needs or ensure that the maximum benefits are received from a sale or wind-up
  • ensure that your beneficiaries are taken care of while your estate is settled
  • make sure that your estate is settled cost-effectively and without delay 

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