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Interactive seminar

New Customer Service Excellence Course

The call centre experience in many ways defines what your organization stands for. It is the main contact centre between you and your clients.

In this new dynamic interactive seminar, Mark Weisleder, LLB., author of the top selling industry book, "Real Estate Agents Beware", teaches not only the importance of an excellent call centre experience to the overall success of an organization, he also provides an easy to use step by step process of how to deliver it.

Mark, who has lectured for OREA for the past 23 years on subjects such as Real Property Law, RECO Residential and Commercial Updates, Privacy Law and Building Loyal Customers, will provide the following:

  • An explanation as to why a call centre experience is important to your overall success
  • How the call centre experience affects your own board brand image
  • How to properly prepare in advance of receiving a call
  • Successful techniques in managing the call flow, from the opening greeting until the end of the call
  • The words and phrases that we should avoid and the ones that we should use during any call
  • How to use tone of voice, inflection and speed of talking to enhance the call experience
  • How to deal with difficult callers successfully
  • How to answer someone who insists on speaking to your supervisor

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