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Upon closing the registered owners of the property are issued a certified cheque representing the net sale proceeds. The certified funds and our reporting package is typically available by 5:00 pm. On the closing day, our office will contact you in the early afternoon with an update as to what time your transaction is expected to close.

Our office will review your Statement of Account and Trust Ledger in detail with you when you attend our office so that you know exactly where every penny relating to your transaction has gone.

If the transaction is being completed by way of Power of Attorney. the net sale proceeds are still payable to theregistered owners of the property and NOT to the person holding the Power of Attorney, UNLESS our office is directed in writing prior to closing.

IF two or more persons are selling a property, we shall require you to confirm in writing, prior to closing, how the net sale proceeds are to be payable if separate cheues are required for each registered owner. If our office is not directed in writing, you will be provided with 1 certified cheque for the entire net proceeds on the day of closing, made payable to the order of ALL registered owners.

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