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6 Steps To Hiring A Real Estate Lawyer


Your Real Estate Lawyer should focus at least 90% of their time on RESIDENTIAL real estate (not including other types of law including Commercial Real Estate)?

Our Real Estate Lawyers focus primarily (over 90%) on Residential Real Estate transactons and our supporting staff focuses 100% of their efforts on residential real estate files.


Your Real Estate Lawyer should provide you a written quote for your upcoming real estate deal which includes all disbursements.


We offer a flat rate legal fee which includes all disbursements.  Our new Closing Cost Quotation System will also calculate ALL anticipated closing costs you will likely incur for your upcoming sale transaction including courier charges and law society levies.  Click here for FREE Price Quote


Your Real Estate Lawyer should be authorized by the Ontario Government to close your transaction electronically (over 90% of real estate transaction are closed electronically).

Our Real Estate Lawyers are all registered with the Ontario Government teraview system and therefore can close your deal in a timely manner.


Your Real Estate Lawyer should store your documentation electronically.


We store all your documentation electroncially at no extra charge.  The benefit is that your documents will never be shredded and you can always access a copy of your closing documentation in the event you have lost your copy.


Your Real Estate Lawyer and their staff should be available to answer your questions and should meet with you to sign your closing documentation at no extra charge.

Your phone call will always be returned in a timely manner.  A real estate lawyer will also meet with you to sign your closing documentation and answer any further questions you might have at no extra charge.  Our friendly staff are always available to answer your questions.


Your Real Estate Lawyer should be in good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada.


All of our real estate lawyers are in good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) and have successfully passed all LSUC audits.  Our most recent LSUC audit was conducted in December 2010.


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