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  1.  Copy of your Agreement of Purchase & Sale (including all Waivers) Your Real Estate Agent(s) usually either fax or email such to our office;

  2. Complete legal name(s) of those person(s) who are to appear on title, as well as their date(s) of birth, current mailing addresses, telephone numbers & email addresses;

  3. Whether the client(s) want to take title to their new property as "Joint Tenants" or "Tenants in Common"? (Where title is held as "joint tenants" and one of the owner's dies, the surviving joint tenant automatically becomes the property owner and no probate tax is payable - most commonly used by spouses. However, where title is held as "tenants in common" and one of the owners dies, the deceased owner's interest passes to a beneficiary according to any last will & testament made by the deceased - probate tax will be application);

  4. You need to forward our law firm's contact details to your real estate agent & mortgage broker/lender (where applicable) and they shall fax solicitor instructions to our office;

  5. If you are purchasing property that is NOT a condominium, we require the fire insurance binder for the property (e.g. if you are purchasing a condominium property, we do not need a fire insurance binder from you);

  6. Closing funds (i.e. money) - your certified cheque and mortgage monies represent the funds needed and must be made payable to Parnes Rothman in Trust. You will be required to present your certified cheque when you attend our office to sign your closing documentation.

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