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Please be advised that you are not to cancel your Fire Insurance Policy until our office has confirmed that the transaction has officially been completed. if your property will be vacant for more than thirty (30) days prior to the closing date, be sure to notify your fire insurance provider, to take additional coverage to cover the additional risk. 


Please contact the utility companies to request a final reading of your meters be done on the closing date. We strongly advise that prior to closing, you follow up with the utility companies to confirm. You will only be responsible for payment of utility accounts up to the date of closing. The purchaseris responsible for the day of closing and onwards.

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NOTE: IF your property is in the CITY OF TORONTO and if you have NO water meter because you are on a flat rate payable every six (6) months, you must immediatley advise our office regarding your prepaid water so that the proper adjustment for prepaymetn can be made.


IF your property is heated by oil, you must arrange to fill the fuel oil tank as of the closing date and pay the bill at that time. A copy of your receipt must be provided with a credit for a full tank of fuel which will be noted on the Statement of Adjustments. Filling the tank avoids any dispute as to the amount of oil in the tank at the time of close.


Please contact your cable company and advise them of your move.


Please contact your telephone and internet service providers and advise them of your move and to arrange for the disconnecting and transfer of service.


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